Friday, March 25, 2011

Mummers' Album

Risk of Change
Past, Present, and Future
An Ever-Changing Collective
v  Masked Mummers
v  Merry Makers
v  Giant Puppets
Ambient Amazement at the Oregon Country Fair 
since 1985

Our latest: a group, not quite a murder of crow-beings.  Debuting in 2011.

Crows, checking out the local shrub scene

A Fair Memory:
Dia de los Muertos celebration with giant skeleton puppets, circa 2004 

Some scenes from Oregon Country Fair, 2010

Risk of Change players in the Meditation Loft above our Public Closet.  We bring an extensive array of costumes and accessories so Fair Family and Fairgoers can join our parades.  We love the way this strengthens the playful spirit of the fair, for our guest artists and for us.

New in 2010: High Priestesses.  In this inspiring evening ritual, fairgoers are honored and blessed by a dozen robed sages with lighted headdresses.

TWINS!   Several charming new additions in 2010. These classically-inspired clowns had a sweet musical surprise inside those purple boxes...

Energy Park's Twin sisters

Impromptu 'found' guest artists!

Looking Sassy in those cowgirl hats

Twins on Parade!  Behind the Circus Band.  Risk of Change adds extra color and sizzle to every Circus Parade.

 Sometimes we bring a quieter, more reflective beauty to the Fair:  Krishnas debuted in 2008 and have become a crowd favorite.  Our strong emotive presence brings joy and peace, communicated silently through loving, smiling eye contact.

The joy of being very blue

A circle before we begin our silent, intense tour of the paths.  This helps us really see each other and gather loving energy to spread through the fair. 

Risk of Change entertains and amazes fairgoers with several ensemble, small group and solo performances every day.   Our iconic giant puppet, Odo, has been joined in recent years by new giants -- one each year for the past few years.  Now we have five Giants!  All were featured in the 2010 Midnight Parade, and all danced on the Main Stage to open the Midnight Show.

Waiting for the Torchlight Parade near the Top of the Eight

Cruising home Sunday morning after a night behind Main Stage...

Color isn't all we do.  A favorite parade theme for many Energy Park and other Fair Family is BLACK and WHITE.  

Even our friend Jill's wolf giant dressed in Black and White!  
The paparazzi loved it..

Some indelible characters:


Troll Baby (at the OCF Science Fair)

Sweep Witch - it's always good to have a broom handy

Odo at his 21st Birthday Party, 2009

Odo loves surprise parties!

Some of the 300 hand made souvenir rattles we handed out during our 
Odo Fiesta! parade.  We heard them shaking 
all day!

Sissy Longhorn with a basket full of gift Odo rattles

Waving Fair Well in Orange and Green (see you next year...)

Looking forward to our next dance on the Eight!

Manifesting the Ethereal 

R I S K   O F   C H A N G E

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Odo Celebrates Birthdays and Anniversaries!

Howdy to all the Fair Family out there who love Odo! And what's not to love? As we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Oregon Country Fair, the 25th Anniversary of the ambiance troupe Risk Of Change at the Fair, and Odo turns 21, it's time to take a look back at Odo's illustrious past...

If one ever had any doubt that Odo had the blood of Deadheads and Sufi Mystics running through his veins, his propensity to twirl on a dime, indiscriminately, easily puts that doubt to rest.

Odo has also never been one to shy away from social justice issues. Back in the Gay 90's, the rights of Queer people throughout Oregon were threatened by various initiatives put on by the homophobic "Oregon Citizens Alliance." Here we see an image of Odo circa 1993, wearing a pink triangle in support of gay rights, marching in solidarity with his walks between sister-brothers at a Gay Pride Parade at Fair. One of the founders of Risk of Change, Ti, can be seen with the pink triangle on his hat in the bottom left of the image. Look for Odo to take a stand again this year as he marches for MARRIAGE EQUALITY FOR ALL!

Odo at rest....

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A photographic hodgepodge of Risk of Change... the Oregon Country Fair over time.

The giant puppet Odo has led our parades and been an icon of our troupe for over 20 years!!!

Here, some Flamingorinas (a ballerina-flamingo hybrid), warming themselves by a solar cooker as giants look on, thinking, "Tastes like chicken!"

In 2008 we added garden gnomes to our troupe. The gnomes have a very "back to the land" attitude!Using members of our troupe, guest artists, Fair Family, and friends, Risk of Change puts together BIG groups of colorful people for parades and high impact ambiance all around!
and sometimes the colorful world we create ends up being all BLACK & WHITE!

Sometimes with an accent color, of course!Rehearsals for our spectacular performance pieces can be grueling!

Risk of Change has always brought together Fair Family & Friends of ALL ages to play with us and explore our magical, made up & make-up, manifestations!Some people think that Risk of Change is duplicitous. The reality is that twins just run in our family, so our twins have often marched out in our regular freak parades...

No one has ever been able to accuse us of not being patriotic Americans (and a few Canadians)! So we have paraded our patriotism throughout the Fair, with songs and our "Red, White, & Blue, it's our country TOO" marches! (this pic is featured on the website! thanks!)

As an ever changing, collective of zany performers full of non-stop hilarity, we look forward to CELEBRATING OUR 25th ANNIVERSARY performing at the Oregon Country Fair in 2009! We're there to entertain you outside the gates in the morning before the Fair opens. We follow the Circus Band and create the colorful creatures for a BIG parade, TWICE a day. We show up in odd little "jams" of performers all around and about the Fair and we add our own special fun to the sweep! Look for us on the path throughout the day, every day!